Areas of Expertise

Top team events/workshop

Designing and facilitating ‘away day’ sessions for senior management teams. These usually focus on major strategy or change issues and are typically 1-2 day events. Events often incorporate elements of teambuilding linked into a business agenda. Helping senior managers create high performing teams.

A combination of forming as a team combined with work on the plan for the coming year.

Leadership development

Designing and facilitating  leadership programmes for organisations and building the leadership capability of the whole organisation. Helping organisations to define what great leadership looks like for them and then working with their leaders to help them build the mindset, toolset and skillset to role model this and improve performance.

Facilitating strategy development and organisation design

Helping organisations to develop corporate and business unit strategies by acting as a coach/mentor to managers and management teams.  Suggesting an overall process to be adopted, providing tools and techniques to support the process,  challenging where appropriate and working alongside managers to develop a new direction.

Turning strategies into action and managing change

Developing a plan for change and ensuring that an effective ‘execution’ process is in place to ensure plans turn into action. Includes ensuring a good link between strategic plans and business plans/budgets, plus aligning performance management and reward systems to re-enforce new targets and behaviours