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ITG specialise in online team and individual development. A key feature of all of our programmes is helping teams to have more effective and more enjoyable online meetings. The business case for this is compelling. 


Our approach is unique and founded on four pillars:


Video Sign Language (VSL ) - we have developed 22 hand signs which complement the spoken word which 'put the body language back' into video meetings.  Teams can easily learn and adopt this to improve their online meetings.  This works across all online meeting platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet.   
Video Meeting Values (VMV  ) – we have developed 5 values for on-line meeting, with associated behaviours. Teams that sign up to and live to the values find their meetings become more productive.  The values also provide a means for the team to 'check-in' on meeting behaviours,  resolve any tensions and decide how to improve future meetings.   
Connection - we help connect people to each other on a personal/emotional level.  This builds trust and enables a higher level of engagement. 
Fun - our workshops are fun and enjoyable. We have a library of over 50 ice-breakers, energisers and mediations that can be used to create fun and build teamwork.  We teach these to team leaders and build their confidence and ability to use them well in their own meetings. 




The Business Case

Paul Hills

- Director

I am always amazed at how much time is spent in meetings and how relatively little time is spent working on making them more effective.  Meetings are critical. 


If your meetings are not effective you are far less likely to achieve your goals.


Meetings use a huge amount of resource.  For example, if a team of 10 people at an average full employment cost per person of £50,000 spend 2 hours a day in online meetings, the annual combined meeting spend would be £135000.  About 2.6 full time employees.  That's without adding preparation time or time spent wasted waiting for meetings to start.


If you could make the meetings 20% more effective your annual saving is £27,000.  You could choose to spend less time in meetings or use the extra time for more value-added activities.  

You will also get a huge secondary benefits of greater team member satisfaction, increased morale and higher employee energy from NOT holding meetings that drain people and that everyone knows are       


And most importantly the chances of achieving your goals will increase. 


I am confident a significant improvement to meetings effectiveness can be made in just three 75-minute sessions giving lasting benefit to the teams and skills and tools they can use elsewhere. Payback, as I am sure you can calculate, will be very quick.

Feedback from September 2020 workshop attendees:

'Thanks for the brilliant session today!  This came at the end of a day that was completely filled with meetings but what a great way to end it.  I love the idea of establishing hand gestures to facilitate conversation and connection, it will make such a difference in how we communicate in these meetings.' 


'We have been struggling to think of ice breakers that would work in an online format so your suggestions were perfect.'

'I liked your demo of the video meeting values. I can see how it would be useful, as a team, to come back to this in subsequent sessions and work out a protocol for online meetings together.'

'Thank you for the session today, it was really great! I had a lot of fun and it was really useful. I find it hard to talk during meetings so the use of hand gestures/signs was a particular favourite.'